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CoryConquersAll: What is next for Finn on Glee?
A reunion with his ex-lady! Alex Newell tells us that Finchel fans just need to be a little bit more patient, because the couple will be reunited soon. “They’re in two different states [right now], but they have some stuff coming up,” she reveals. Bonus tidbit, Newell spilled that Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are “lovey-dovey” off-camera whenever they are together. Awww…isn’t that sweet?



This is from the Pasadena Filming Calendar for the Cravens Estate that has been used as Dalton since S2.

I’d bet the filming is it’s for 4.06 and/or 4.07, and that 4.07 is Ryan’s “Dynamic Duets” episode.

i love it when my stomach has cramps but has no period to show for it.

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Super delayed reaction to Klaine/CrissColfer’s seats being the closest they can be together in that photo