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Fox Lounge: Darren Criss & Chris Colfer | Q&A

Fox Lounge: Darren Criss & Chris Colfer | Rapid Fire





People’s response to a rapist truck driver trying to take a 16 year old runaway girl 


That woman is my heroine

I want to say thank you all for watching something so important. This can lead to the saving of other boys and girls from being raped and kidnapped. All it takes is one voice to save a life. 


your biggest fan,




i’m assuming that you’re all familiar with tumblr saviour at this point - i use tumblr saviour every day for blocking nsfw content while i’m at work, not to mention wiping my dash of blood, gore, and theamazingatheist. tumblr saviour is invaluable, honestly. we all know that. and we’ve all wished that we could just tumblr saviour the entire internet, right?

well, hold on to your hats, because this app, silencer, is functionally tumblr saviour for the entire internet.

this is a goddamned godsend. i’ve tried it out with a few annoying and triggering terms, and it works like a fucking charm. spoilery tweets about what happened on last sunday’s breaking bad? gone. incessant royal baby facebook posts? evaporated. i literally cannot express to you how happy this app makes me and how helpful it has been.

it also comes with custom “mute packs” - sets of buzzwords about popular events or spoiler-prone tv shows that you can just automatically mute, and voila, your twitter and facebook feeds are clean.

i wouldn’t be making this post unless i was dead fucking serious about making sure that you all have this in your lives. download it here.

UPDATED: 20/5/12 - Crisscolfer tumblr printscreens (aka fan-sightings of them on set/glee live/etc)


not in order, i don’t have dates or anything for when these happened, i just printscreened them from tumblr and occasionally twitter and facebook pages when they happened.

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So I’m at my cousin’s daughter’s baptism and I keep forgetting my cousin’s boss is Lea Michele’s god mother and when they saw my phone case they started talking about Darren and how sweet he is and I guess they’ve met him because they were saying how he hangs out at Lea’s place and her mom’s place a good amount and I just couldn’t help but coo at how adorable that is. They were also saying how when Chris and Darren get together they’re hilarious. I had no idea they knew them all so well that’s so weird


Can’t Help Falling in Love” (Live at Daytrotter)—Ingrid Michaelson

Dancers Jasmine Mason & Alan Bersten

Choreographer Travis Wall


Sometimes I just need to take a deep breath and a step back from the fandom, and I watch this video to remind me of why I’ve always loved Glee.