This photo is crazy blurry, but I do not care because I was in the splash zone of Chris and Ashley flailing at each other, and it was the most infectiously joyous thing ever.


Chris, the second before he steps outside to briefly visit with fans after the Apple talk. I LOVE this photo—not because it’s perfectly in focus, or even very clear, but because it was FREEZING and POURING RAIN, yet Chris stopped and talked with us anyway. Also? You can see him getting blasted with the cold and wind—steeling himself to jump into the fray.

(The first sounds he made as he walked out of the door were: “Bwhhhhheeeegh” *flaily hands* “It’s cooooooooooooold.”)

Direct link to download on iTunes (US). *spoiler warning*



Annnnd there it is.  What we saw.  :’)  Loooord.

I was shaking, I felt bad,” he said. “They probably have me on this pedestal and now they’re like ‘oh he’s a wimp.’
Chris Colfer, talking about being nervous while signing for fans before the SBL premiere. (via staceysthings)