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I really don’t get that hate that girl is getting. Go look at her activism page, it’s fairly obvious her views on the subject are MORE than just her “fictional otps” getting married.

Sometimes people on tumblr are such shit heads and yet these same people preach being nice to people and not bullying them.

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does glee realise that its these little moments that they keep cutting that fuel the whole inequality thing? you didnt have two seconds to show blaine leading kurt to the bed, or them walking out of the auditorium?

Well, it’s not necessarily Glee that cut them. They could have been ordered by Fox to cut them. That’s the issue.

Actually, if anything…this script reinforces what we saw with The Box Scene: what’s happening with regard to inequality isn’t coming from the writers. The writers are writing equal Klaine scenes that aren’t making it to air. That leaves pressure from the show runner (Ryan Murphy) or the network (Fox) to cut this content. Guess who my money’s on?

To be honest, I have always thought this has been from network interference. There are too many people who work on this show who are either themselves queer or, at the very least, queer allies.

Bottom line: the more scripts we see, the more that belief is reinforced for me. RIB+ are writing this shit. It’s just not airing on FOX.

Exactly.  And we KNOW what they’ve written for 414.  Ryan told us himself.  Just saying.

Plus the fact that Brad Falchuk donated this particular script for this fundraiser, which was likely an early version before most of the cuts.

Mhmm, and according to the cover it’s the ” 2nd writer’s draft” which to me means, the execs got the first one, saw the scenes now labelled omit and cut them. Which is why they’re still in the script, but labelled as omitted so they could see what FOX cut from their original version.

Or maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions… 


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Knee/Leg is hurting so bad, so this is the solution #sigh (Taken with Instagram)

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